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12th of February 1993- The day Jamie Bulger was murdered.

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18th of February 1993- The afternoon of the police arrest

12th Feb . 1993- Your day Jamie Bulger was killed

On the twelfth of February, Jamie Bulger (aged two) was waiting around outside a shop in the New Strand Buying Centre. He was in the buying centre combined with his mom, the reason why he waiting beyond the store rather than with his mother is still unidentified and cannot be said from this report due to rumour. In another part of Gatwick near to the New Strand searching centre, two ten year old were seen by several vision witnesses thieving paint, a troll doll, batteries and a can of paint from different stores in the area. Both boys required the short walk to the New Follicle Shopping Middle, they were spotted by vision witnesses taking a look at children that they could use while targets. At 3: 40pm, Denise Bulger (Jamie's mom who supported Jamie to the shopping middle that day) realised that Jamie got disappeared. She franticly shouted in the shop that her kid was absent. At a few: 42pm CCTV captured a small boy and a slightly taller boy, we have now know this to be Jamie Bulger and Jon Venables, holding hands whilst strolling out the New Strand Purchasing Centre. Desserts and the kobold doll that both Jon and Robert stole previously were accustomed to bribe Jamie into having them. The two Jon and Robert took Jamie on a 2 . a few mile walk to the Manchester Liverpool Canal where they picked Jamie up and dropped him on his head. This is when Jamie first suffered facial accidents. The kids were seen simply by 38 witnesses, which later came to testify against all of them in court, whilst these were walking across Liverpool. Jamie was crying and moping and had a bump on his forehead, nevertheless the eye witnesses involved failed to approach Jon and Robert assuming that Jamie was there little buddy. Jon and Robert then escorted Jamie to the village of Walton, they led him up a sharp banking on Walton Teach lines. That's where the homicide and self applied of Jamie took place. The boys started by striking and stopping Jamie in the face, body and groin. Additionally they stomped on him even though Jamie laid in a pool of blood. Experts believed that Jamie would have been dead or perhaps close to loss of life at this point, hardly ever the significantly less the boys carried on using their torturing of Jamie. Batteries was injected into Jamie's mouth and anus, before the boys chucked stones, rocks, iron bars and paint which they stole earlier in the stores in Jamie's deal with. There as well other sexual elements towards the assault since Jamie was found removed down to only his vest and foreskin was eliminated off of the patient. There as well shows signs of torture to Jamie testicles. The final level in the torture was the moment Jon began hitting Jamie's head up against the steel railroad tracks. Experts believe now Jamie was dead. Entirely Jamie suffered 42 different injuries to be able to parts of his body. After this Jon and Robert place Jamie's up against the steel monitors, whilst putting stones and rubble in the body therefore it didn't appear recognisable to passes by simply. It later on came out in court that Jon and Robert do this as the train will run over the entire body and help to make it appear to be an accident. The boys fled the picture leaving Jamie on Walton train line. a couple of days later on, Jamie's human body was identified by law enforcement officials cut in half on the bank of Walton Train Lines.

eighteenth of Feb . 1993- Jon Venables and Robert Thompson are imprisoned After Jamie Bulger's human body was available on 14th of February 93 on Walton Train Lines, the police in that case started to seek out the person or people who was involved in Jamie's murder. After speaking to Jamie's mother, law enforcement knew that Jamie need to have been obtained from the New Strand Shopping Hub by the criminals. Police checked out the CCTV footage as well as the footage of Jon Venables (at this stage unfamiliar by the police) guiding fresh Jamie aside. Police was still in shock that a boy at such a young era could have...

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