The Reality with the Truth

 Essay regarding The Reality with the Truth

What exactly is the reality? Is it truth, sincerity, honesty? Is it accuracy and trustworthiness? How can we all tell the difference between the truth and lies? How come the media have the power to decide for us what is accurate?

As Oscar Wilde once said 'The truth is hardly ever pure without simple'. This statement sums up the difficulties of telling the truth, and this can be furthermore shown in Deceive Sitch ain al's Frontline, Lies by Michael Leunig and the poem Nothing to Record by Might Herschel Clarke.

The television display Frontline uses the day to day running of a current affairs show. It displays both on and off atmosphere aspects of what people involved with tv go even though on a daily basis. Mike Moore (Rob Sitch) plays the unsuspecting host in the show, whom seems to think the whole world involves him. One of this is when Emma sarcastically bless you him pertaining to helping with a story and he says 'That's ok'. Brian is the professional manager of the show and he ultimately decides what is shown on the show and what isn't. Brooke is another news reporter who uses deception and manipulation to present the truth. Emma does work backstage and often she should be a certain amount, but the reporters need all their ego taken care of so she is never recognised for her diligence. Marty is another reporter who has been in the company for a long time, and although this individual knows about Frontline presenting the 'incorrect truth', he really does nothing to end them.

Just like all current affairs shows, the team by Frontline are involved with increasing ratings every night, rather than sharing with the real truth to people. One of these of this is during the instance 'Add sex and stir' where Brooke interviews a lady booted off her sports staff because she 'wasn't a lesbian'. This kind of in fact is usually not the reality because the lady was started off the group due to her poor contact form, not her sexuality. Audiences are then manipulated in thinking that the sport is a 'lesbian' sport, and the reputations with the team and sport will be ruined. Marty sums up this 'sensationalising' of real truth in one quote,

'" Ancient current affairs menu my grandmother gave me, you take any kind of story, put sex and stir" (Marty, Add sexual and stir)

Dismissal from the 'real' truth is another technique the fact that current affairs show Frontline uses to get ratings. In the episode 'We aint got dames', Mike wishes to do a story in illegal sweatshops, but Brian dismisses this as being 'too heavy' to get the visitors. After very much persuasion, Robert thinks he has certain Brian to demonstrate his account (because his ego features finally recently been satisfied), however the story eventually ends up being a trend show, fully insulting any kind of work that Mike has been doing. Although this kind of story did attract more viewers compared to the sweatshop tale would have, this only helps bring about the fact that viewers absence in information about the real current issues, and so they need to demonstrate pretty individuals with bright lamps to obtain their attention.

There are numerous techniques employed in Frontline which in turn expose the manipulation that current affairs shows move through to gain rankings. Irony is definitely shown inside the episode 'The siege', wherever Brooke requires Mrs. Forbes to sign an agreement so simply frontline may report her story because,

" Several shows are very unscrupulous" (Brooke, The Seige)

Brooke says not to supply the story to other channels because they could twist her story around to bring out a point your woman wasn't making, but the paradox was that their very own show was doing exactly that. Usage of a portable camera behind the scenes of the current affairs present can bring your truth in back of the is situated, what we observe on television will not be true in real life. This applies to Robert in the event 'Add love-making and stir' where he is usually on Burkes Backyard. He is asked inquiries about current affairs and does not know how to answer them, then tries to protect himself simply by asking Burke about crops but this individual knows almost everything about them. Though he is demonstrated as a brilliant and well presented person on television, in real life he doesn't find out anything. Also this is seen when Mike requires...

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