The Connection Involving the Little Mermaid and Hoarding

 Essay about The Connection Between the Little Mermaid and Hoarding

The Little Mermaid and her Connection with Hoarding

Melissa Legault

Abnormal Psychology

Anthony Smith

April 40, 2013

Most youngsters grow up watching Disney movies. It might be shocking to hear which a Disney little princess may suffer by a mental disorder. In Walt Disney's movie The limited Mermaid, I do think the main persona Ariel is suffering from disposophbia, also known as hoarding.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder/hoarding has usually interested me personally. These people have collecting to the unhealthy level. Ariel is definitely the perfect example of a Hoarder. Hoarding is not presently considered an illness on its own correct.  Compulsive hoarding has been remedied as indicator or subtype of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Cluttergone). About 15% of people with Obsessive Obsessive Disorder report compulsive hoarding as their significant problem. It generally will begin in childhood and may go unnoticed until adulthood (Kelly). The DSM-IV data Compulsive Hoarding only as being a symptom of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER. The DSM-IV does not list hoarding behavior in the analysis criterion of OCD. However with the DSM-V, soon to get out, hoarding disorder or compulsive hoarding is supposed to be understood to be its disorder rather than like a symptom of OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER (Cluttergone). The limited Mermaid will be based upon the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid is the story about a mermaid named Ariel who etendu to be part of the human world. She lives in an underwater kingdom with her father King Triton. She falls into love which has a human, Knight in shining armor Eric and, by making elegance risk together with the sea witch Ursula, the lady trades in her bout and her voice pertaining to human lower limbs. Ariel features but three days for making Eric fall in love with her. In the event that he will, she will live happily at any time after in the world. In the event he does not, Ursula will certainly enslave her.

Through the movie Ariel and her best fish friend Flounder love to acquire human artifacts. This is where the hoarding is. In the beginning in the movie,...

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