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The Baderman Island Resort which is maintained by Boardman Management Group consists of three hotels and a conference center, 4 restaurants, two gift retailers, a pro store and a spa. Almost all systems through this organization need to have the same phrase processing computer software incorporated to incorporate the os.

Each organization entity to get the Baderman Island Holiday resort was opened at distinct times although they began with up dated computer hardware and software, upgrades of equipment and software haven’t been homogeneous. There are 3 different systems which are Home windows 98, Home windows 2000, and Windows XP. Fortunately they are utilizing Expression 97, Word 2000, and Word 7 as their word processing application.

It has become important that all of the business choices be incorporated into a single technology platform using a common os and common word finalizing software.

Hereinafter, Baderman Isle Resort will be referred to as " Baderman” like a matter of comfort and confirming.

Statement of Purpose

The objective of this file is to get proposals to get supplying an operating system and prevalent word control software way to Baderman. This kind of solution is supposed to form the basis for all foreseeable future operating systems and word digesting software within Baderman. Most existing devices within Baderman will be replaced by the chosen operating system and word processing software.

The existing system(s) and software being used by Baderman are declining to meet the company needs with the organization in the following areas:

1 . Already have three diverse operating systems (Windows 98, Glass windows 2000, Home windows XP). installment payments on your Currently have three different expression processing application (Word 97, Word 2150, Word XP). 3.

Each of our primary targets in employing a new operating system and phrase processing software are the following:

1 . Improving the system provides software applications and an operating system that integrates all systems inside the organization. 2 . Installation of the same version of word digesting application contains an Office Support System to get Baderman. a few. The Office Support System permits employees to talk about the information and documents over the network. 5. Improve functional efficiencies through the entire organization. five. Reduce overall operational costs.

Based upon a preliminary review, we certainly have selected your company to receive this kind of formal Ask for Proposal (RFP). We are requesting that you submit a formal pitch, using the varieties provided, which addresses the expenses for the procurement and implementation society from your corporation. We have especially defined specific " structural” items within this RFP. Such as items including hardware construction, operating system environment, and telecoms infrastructure. This has been done only to provide a great " pears to apples” cost evaluation between the various suppliers. Even though the actual functioning environment may possibly ultimately differ significantly based upon the specific recommendations of the selected supplier, all of us ask that you quote the listed setup explicitly.

Existing Environment

Baderman is a great inclusive vacation resort consisting of three hotels, and a convention center, several restaurants, two gift outlets, a pro shop and health spa. The present and anticipated growth of Baderman and the complexity with the organization's current system requires updating. In reviewing existing data it absolutely was determined that a problem occurred in the past wherever all devices were not at the same time upgraded. Baderman facilities range from the following:

Baderman Main Resort,

The Tenney,

Melancon Tradition Center and Hotel

The Baderman Isle CafГ©

The Morgan Bistro

The Beverly CafГ©

The KayfГ©

The Tenney @ Night

Baderman Island Palmeral Spa

Distributor Requirements & Instructions

Information is to be presented to all sections within this doc as described within every single section. For the attached chart,...

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