Proj 598 Pp1

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Castro Valley Canines

Semi-Pro Baseball Group

Request for Proposal


New Field Service Project

2661 Renton Method

Castro Area, CA. 94546


Higgins, Lauren

[email protected] com

PM598 – Jan. 2013



1 . 1 . General Explanation of Work3

1 . 2 . What Must Be Included with Bid3

1 . 3. Schedule of Bid Period Activities4

1 . 4. Site of Work5

1 . 5. Pre-Bid Meeting5

1 . 6th. Owner Contact for Questions5

1 . six. Pre-Award Surveys5

1 . 8. Sealed Wager Requirements5

1 ) 9. Basis for Put money Evaluation6

1 . 10. Moral Standards6

1 . 11. Responsibility for Surety Bonds6

1 ) 12. Proposal Format6

1 ) 13. Set of Bidders6

1 ) 14. Letter of Acknowledgment6


2 . 1 ) Engineering Contracts7

2 . installment payments on your Construction Contracts8


3. 1 . Breakdown of Bid Price9

3. 2 . Revisions and additional Work9

a few. 3. Escalation Formulas9

a few. 4. Scheduled Completion Dates9

3. your five. List of Subcontractors9

3. six. Key Supplier or Service provider Personnel9

three or more. 7. Period of time Bid Can be Valid9

a few. 8. Set of Bid Record Addenda Examined by Bidder10

3. being unfaithful. Notice of Conflicts or Errors in Bid Documents10

3. twelve. Clarifications of Bids10

a few. 11. Prospective buyer Signature10




Appendix A12

Appendix B13

Supplier/Bidder List13

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The Castro Valley K-9s were founded in 1993 and have been in need for a brand new field to enhance the neighborhood and overall community. This is an invitation to bidders. Based on certain requirements such as selling price, quality standards, licenses and other terms and conditions, does the bid be accepted. You should see the next descriptions below for criteria that which should be met. 1 ) 1 . General Description of

Lauren Higgins, General Supervisor of the Castro Valley K-9s, semi-pro snowboarding team, has recently requisitioned twenty acres of land and is soliciting plans for a Structure Manager/ General Contractor. The General Contractor will certainly demolish a few condemned barns and any trees or brush situated on the land. The existing water and sewer lines will be used for restroom services and tiny clubhouse that may encompass a new playing discipline to be made. Leveling will not be needed since the land is relatively level as is. The Contractor may also include a car parking area for approximately 50 vehicles and no spectator seating can be needed. Specifically, the playing field will need to be lined with chain linked fences, plus the batters area. The discipline will consist of grass as well as the baseball diamond area will be a mixture of sand and gravel. Please see Appendix N for specific field dimensions. 1 . installment payments on your What Must Be Included with Wager

1 . Customers need to supply a history of you’re able to send experience and experience with exterior complexes, whenever possible. 2 . Assertion of principles and rules of the organization.

a few. At least 5 examples of past effective projects with client info, the information of the work performed plus the fee charged. 4. Info that you consider to be a factor in the putting in a bid decision. five. Total approximated fee, which include hourly charge for each employee. 6. Any other fees or charges.

7. Coverage.

1 . three or more. Schedule of Bid Period Activities

Prices for bids should be sent to:

Lauren Higgins

2661 Renton Way

Castro Valley, CALIFORNIA. 94546

Bids will not be approved after August 15, 2011 unless circumstances and the bidder contacts proposal owner a week in advance.

Plan for the Contractor's function is as follows:

1 . September 1, 2011 RFP Posted

2 . Sept. 2010 21, 2011 Pre-bid Getting together with

3. Sept. 2010 28, 2011 Site Go to

4. October 15, 2011 RFP Response Due

your five. November one particular, 2011...

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