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Professor Nathan Poage


September 15, 2013

Apology: Is Socrates Guilt ridden or Harmless?

The Apology is Plato's accurate depiction of the Socrates' own security at the trial provoked simply by Meletus. Yet , besides current accusers, Socrates has to speak out to protection against previous accusers that have created prejudices of him for number of years. Former accusers prosecute Socrates for " studying issues in the sky and below the earth” and "[making] the more serious into the stronger argument” (Plato 18b-c). Moreover, Meletus, that is one of the latest accusers, costs Socrates of "[corrupting] the young and not really believing in the gods in whom metropolis believes, in new psychic things” (Plato 24c). The dialogue between Socrates plus the jury and Meletus describes the true individuality of Socrates and answers the question if perhaps Socrates is guilty or innocent of these charges.

First, Socrates can be accused of studying " things above and issues below the earth” (Plato 23d). In this time period, Athenian people believe that gods are the types who create and guideline the world. Everyone must believe in and worship with no doubt. Therefore , if anyone tries to examine and make clear matters with regards to natural happening instead of spiritual belief, she or he is immediately charged of not really believing in gods and receives punishments from whole society. In this case, older accusers believe that what Socrates is performing is as same as other philosophers who trying to oppose spiritual belief and negatively influence the culture. This is mirrored by the funny of Aristophanes depicting Socrates as a individual that has capacity to " walk on air” and present " a lot of various other nonsense ” matters (Plato 19c). Yet , Socrates demonstrates that he's not that type of person and this individual does not include any familiarity with those things by stating " I actually do not speak in disregard of these kinds of knowledge” and asking if anyone has ever heard him discussing about these topics (Plato 19d). In fact , Socrates' occupation can be described as wisdom...

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