Picnic for Hanging Rock and roll

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New Aussie Cinema (1980)

Edited by Scott Murray

Material in Picnic at Hanging Rock

Picnic enjoyed the greatest well-liked and essential success with the three (movies), but it is not a film which grows richer in recollection; at times it seems to look for visual style an end this itself, as well as its central arcano (What performed happen for Hanging Rock and roll on St . Valentine's Day, early 1900s? ) must fight for interest with the film's pervasive perception of a smothered sexuality. The parallel suggested between the surface area of enjoying to play excited schoolgirls, with its ideas of actual but repressed desire, as well as the surface splendor of the Australian scene, having its lurking fear, could well have already been developed even more by Cliff Green in his otherwise capable screenplay. (p. 62)

Authentic works of fantasy-perhaps among the list of richest of films-are open-ended, suspending themselves between likely explanations. Peter Weir's Eat outside at Suspending Rock (1975), for example , ends as it started out, in secret. It is to the audience to check into the film and have up the signs by which they are really most fascinated.

" Easy methods to waiting a million years, simply for us, " remarks one of the girls because they ride towards Hanging Mountain. The film suggests that the disappearance is predestined. Also, it is St . Valentine's Day, plus the year is usually 1900-the beginning of a 100 years. All this lends an environment of great historic moment as to the happens. The rock stands, as it were, apart from the rest of the world that surrounds this. One of the girls aptly comments that, from where they are really, the people beneath look like ants, " quite possibly serving several function unknown to themselves. "

On the rock, every watches visit noon. Miss McCraw (Vivean Gray) describes down to magnetism. The unnatural interpretation may be the literal one particular; time has ended, and life on the mountain exists in a different dimensions. Time will no longer follows a logical course of cause and impact. Rather, since Miranda (Anne Lambert) says, " Everything begins and ends on the right time" - maybe at the same time, the frozen minute of midday.

The atmosphere of the rock and roll is associated with a release of intimate constraints. The theory is communicated by a image comparison. At Appleyeard College pigeons lay on the lawn, silent but still. When the college party arrives at the ordinary, birds soar out in a fantastic roar, an explosion of activity. Likewise, the girls locate a new independence, while seeming not to realize it themselves. The film superimposes, in slow motion, pictures of the girls taking off their particular stockings upon the dance-like sway with their bodies, a great intimation of sexual experience.

These evocations of sexuality start two interpretations: a realistic and a supernatural. The rational reason is that the women are abducted by an individual lying in wait on the rock. Later, one of the townspeople comments: " It must be an individual from one other town. No one around right here would perform such a specific thing! " However when Irma (Jane Vallsi) is found alive by Michael jordan (Dominic Guard) she is " intact"; her head is definitely bruised and hands scraped, but the remaining body is unmarked.

[Interjection by me: how will anyone just happen to be lying by the Rock to wait the girls? They can have had to know the girls were going to include a eat outside, that the picnic would be in Hanging Mountain, and even possess a general idea of the time of the picnic. That begins to extend the ambuscade theory fairly thin, i believe. ]

Of all the young ladies who carry on the expedition up the mountain, it is Miranda who is offered as possessing a special understanding of the significance of what they are performing. it is possibly suggested that she has recently been gifted having a premonition in the disappearance. Early on in the film she tells Sara (Margaret Nelson): " you must figure out how to love an individual apart from me personally. I will certainly not be with you for a lot longer. " This might just indicate she is going to an additional school, nevertheless the hint in the supernatural is strong. Too, the film's last taken returns into a gesture that may be charged with great significance; her farewell wave...

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