Child Expansion Associate RCII

 Essay in Child Advancement Associate RCII

п»їChild Development Relate (CDA) credentialing

RC 2 Learning Experiences

In the words, explain nine learning experiences (activities) that cover each one of the following areas:


RC II-2 Language and Literacy

RADIO CONTROLLED II-3 Imaginative Arts

REMOTE CONTROL II-4 Excellent Motor (Indoor Activity)

RC II-5 Major Motor (Outdoor Activity)

RC II-6 Home Concept

REMOTE CONTROL II-7 Mental Skills/Regulation

RC II-8 Sociable Skills


Optional: Music and Activity

These ought to be, but might not be limited to, actions you have organized and found in past lessons. You may both write your descriptions in the spaces presented or contain copies of the lesson plans that fit each one of the nine areas.

For every experience, reveal the age group (3s, 3g, or 5s) and list the intended goals, supplies and processes/teaching strategies. For every activity, talk about why it truly is developmentally appropriate for that age group.

It is best to will include a Visual/Sample/Picture of your activity make it in an optional, nevertheless preferred, plastic material sheet cover.

Resource II-1 Science/Sensory


" Water Displacement”

Age Group:

approximately for five years


To learn the concept of water shift

Materials Needed:

Video or perhaps Story: " The Crow and the Pitcher”

Clear pot

Rocks (any sizes)

Small plastic gadget animal

Permanent marker or perhaps rubberband

Dish, towel or perhaps other object to include spilled drinking water

Process and Teaching Tactics

Read the story " The Crow and the Pitcher”. Produce comments regarding the story such as, " We wonder so why the crow putting rocks in the normal water? What is happening to the water?

Place a indicate or a rubber band about the clear textbox at about the halfway point. Fill the container with water sufficient or plastic band range. Have the children notice the big difference between the underlying part half of the textbox and the top rated half, noting that the bottom half has water plus the top 1 / 2 has air flow and that the water line with the same location as the mark or rubber strap line. Explain to the children that when you put a subject into the normal water, the water must " approach over" to make room for your object. В Show them the rocks and have them what would happen if we added some of the rocks to the water? Ask questions such as, " Would the water " move over" because of it? Do you think this particular move on the lot, or possibly a little bit? Where do you think the water will move to?

Let each child estimate just how many rubble they might have to make the normal water move, and let them every single put the stones into the normal water. Ask in case the water transferred a little, a whole lot, etc . by looking at the waterline, and how it has changed. В As water line starts to rise, question the children where the water is going if it operates out of space in the container. Eliminate the rocks that help the children to see that the level returned towards the mark or perhaps rubber band when the rubble were taken out. Talk about strategy when you may see normal water displacement just like when you get involved the bath tub or whilst washing meals.

Extended Activity: Use diverse objects including marbles, small stones, toys, something that will in shape inside the container. Place container(s) and different things in the normal water play area. How is this activity Developmentally Ideal? (What could they be learning, why are they learning, exactly how are they learning it, and exactly how does your activity accomplish this? ) Gives opportunities to explore and immediately observe improvements and trends. Allows children the opportunity to produce and check predictions. Creates opportunities for the children to exercise all their spatial and scientific reasoning skills. Useful resource II-2 Language and Literacy


" Looking For Letters”

Age Group

3-5 years


Finding and circling letters in magazine pages

Supplies Needed

For every child and teacher:

Newspapers pages with large-type head lines, captions, or advertisements two to three Markers

Backup Materials:

Little one's name credit cards...

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