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Part 1

Procedures and Supply Sequence Management


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Learning Targets

1 . Discover why it is important to examine operations and supply chain administration. 2 . Classify operations and provide chain procedures. 3. Comparison differences between services and goods producing processes. 4. Define efficient and effective operations your five. Identify procedures and supply chain management profession opportunities. 6th. Describe how the field has evolved over time. 1-2

What is Procedures and Supply Sequence Management?

• Operations and supply management (OSM): the design, procedure, and improvement of the devices that create and deliver the business primary services and products – Functional field of business – Clear line management duties

• Worried about the supervision of the entire system that produces a very good or offers a service LO 1


Process Actions for Mens Nylon Supplex Parka

LO 2


Understanding the Global Supply Cycle

• Success in today's global markets requires a business technique that matches the preferences of shoppers with the facts of source networks • A eco friendly strategy is critical – Satisfies the needs of shareholders and employees – Maintains the environment

• Supply refers to processes that move data and material to and from the manufacturing and service procedures of the company LO a few


Business of OSCM: The Integration of Strategy, Techniques and Planning

LO you


Supply Chain Operations

LO 3


Function Involved in Each Type of Method

• Preparing: the processes required to operate a preexisting supply cycle strategically • Sourcing: selecting suppliers that may deliver the services and goods needed to make the firm's product • Making: Where the major system is produced and also the service supplied • Providing: carriers happen to be picked to advance products to warehouses and customers • Returning: the...

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