Accomplishment of a Fresh paint Company: Patre Paints Bangladesh Limited

 Success of your Paint Business: Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited Essay


In 1971 Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is its quest in Bangladesh. The investors were Jenson & Nicholson (J & N), Duncan Macneil & Co. Limited and Daddy Group. Duncan Macneil eventually sold their very own shares for the majority aktionar J & N Group. The Daddy Group's share ultimately vested with the Govt of the People's Republic of Bangladesh following your independence with the country four decades ago. The name of the company was changed from J & N (Bangladesh) Limited to Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited on January 1, 1980. Berger Chemicals Bangladesh Limited (BPBL) is stated to be the market head in Bangladesh and contains a wide range of goods such as Decorative Paints, Professional Paints, Sea Paints, Color Bank, Bumpy Coatings, Heat-proof Paints, Roof Compounds, Wood Solutions, and Wood Creams. It gives an extensive and sustainable painting option and offering the best customer service through Interior decorating. BPBL's business strategy should be to build greater market share through providing quality and fast service. Really primary concentrate is to enhance its current position by giving value added customer care. BPBL can be committed to obtain highest client satisfaction. The main objective of this report is to gain general practical knowledge about the internal conversation techniques of Berger Color Bangladesh Ltd. and corporate achievement evaluation and also recommend based on business connection.

Aim and Rational in the project:

The goal of this job is to gain overall useful knowledge about the business and examine the interaction techniques produced by the company. To get more specific, this project contains the following subject matter: •Historical qualifications of Berger Paint Bangladesh Ltd.

•Organizational structure

•BPBL's internal conversation structure

•Tools used in the present communication program

•Positive areas of the system getting used and recommendations for improvement


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