Why you need to build up your image and Portfolio ?
It’s no secret that the economy is still in about the same shape as a “Biggest Loser” contestant on the first day of the show. It has been particularly tough on job seekers as they try to swim against the tide of more jobs being lost than jobs being created. For many job seekers in […].

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l would like to say a big thank you. my wife has now starting to get use to her new award. it was good that we had them before xmas too. so once again a big thank you.

Jerry T. – 28 Dec 2009

Many thanks for your prompt and business like service. We are over the moon with the awards…. Many thanks again, I wish you a happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

kind regards, Sarah T. – USA, Dec 2009

Many thanks for all your hard work and efforts. Everything arrived safely and my brother is now luxuriating in using the certificate of excellent… much to my amusement. Many thanks for all your help and I shall be sure to pass on your contact details to as many people as possible and push business your way.

Thanks, again, Gordon W. – Canada, Nov 2009

Thank you for the excellent service you have given. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Kindest Regards, Candy Y. – UK, October 2009

I trust this message greets you well on your return from holidays. I received my awards today. Words cannot adequately express my feelings. However you deserve 5 “A”s for them AMAZING – ADMIRABLE – ALLURING – Totally APPROPRIATE and APPRECIATED

Thank you

Martin. S. – Hong Kong, May 2009

The award from your foundation has been a great investment, and well worth the cost, I have used it in business and in my biography.

William S. – Thailand, May 2009

Just to let you know that the award package arrived this morning and I am delighted with the presentation and how it looks. I shall have great fun presenting this to my American friends who I am sure will immediately get delusions of grandeur and impressions of being “scholar”. It’s sometimes difficult being the only smart person in an organization surrounded by my colleagues.

Many thanks,

Jimmy Y.- USA, Feb 2009