Why you need to build up your image and Portfolio ?
It’s no secret that the economy is still in about the same shape as a “Biggest Loser” contestant on the first day of the show. It has been particularly tough on job seekers as they try to swim against the tide of more jobs being lost than jobs being created. For many job seekers in […].

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Rene Cassin Foundation has grown into a globally influential foundation, blessed in abundance with a remarkable professional people around the world.  It holds an international reputation for excellence in recognition of your past achievement, offering innovative award and title programs.

Rene Cassin Foundation plays a vital role in the cultural, social, and economic development internationally, as well as at home.  We offers over dozens of awards for any qualified individual to choose from, namely, Certificate of Excellence, Certificate of Honor, Leadership for Peace Award, Certificate of National Merit, Certificate of International Merit, President’s Award, Leadership Award, Fellowship, Distinguish Service Award, Outstanding Businessman Award, Outstanding Business Woman Award, Leading Entrepreneurs of the World etc.  We have helps thousand of individual to recognize their past achievement and efforts in order to build up their social status, personal image, curriculum vita and career.

From this brief overview I hope it is apparent that, whatever your interests, whatever your goals and ambitions, Rene Cassin Foundation has much to offer all who come here – an unrivalled choice of award and title programs, recognition of your achievement and effort opportunities, and international recognition.  And underlying this wealth of offerings are Rene Cassin Foundation strong core values:  advancing and sharing knowledge; free inquiry and scholarly responsibility; educating students to the highest standards; fulfilling its promises and ensuring open, respectful relationships; respecting all members of its communities; and working within the wider community to enhance societal good.

I offer my warmest welcome to all who join Rene Cassin Foundation and help us to address the many opportunities and challenges that face our local and global communities.

Richard Johnson


Rene Cassin Foundation