Why you need to build up your image and Portfolio ?
It’s no secret that the economy is still in about the same shape as a “Biggest Loser” contestant on the first day of the show. It has been particularly tough on job seekers as they try to swim against the tide of more jobs being lost than jobs being created. For many job seekers in […].

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What Privileges may you receive?

With different awards and diploma of distinction, you will experience a difference in people perception in your resume or in your job promotion.  You will be treated differently and that might be these awards might make you different.

In the business world, people take you more seriously with awards (since everyone are holding a degree or even master or PHD degree), career wise you will find it a real door opener for you to get a job or your job promotion.

All of our awards and titles are worldwide recognized and verifiable by anyone who wish to verify.