Why you need to build up your image and Portfolio ?
It’s no secret that the economy is still in about the same shape as a “Biggest Loser” contestant on the first day of the show. It has been particularly tough on job seekers as they try to swim against the tide of more jobs being lost than jobs being created. For many job seekers in […].

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What is the benefits to have these awards ?

  • -Boost image on CV
  • -Boost creditability in your biography
  • -Significant negotiating power when purchasing items and with business partner
  • -Good image for the public

Is it legal ?

  • These awards are totally legal and they last all of your life.  You can put these awards in your resume and biography and show to your friends and boss.  We can even provide a lawyer to certified the awards for extra charges.

What are the limitation ? Can all people apply for an award ?

  • There is no limitation.  We will screen the application in order for the award.

Why should I need an award ?

  • Many people (even senior executives) don’t have much to write in their biography and resume.  You should need an award to boost your CV, biography and even get promoted. Today, many people have very good academic education and the only way to distinguish yourself is through various awards and contribution to the community.

Are these awards verifiable ?

  • Yes, it is 100% real and legal.  We will provide you a fax number and mailing address if any one want to verify your awards.

What is the quality of these award look like?

  • The quality is extremely good.  We print these award on 220 gsm matte paper with gold embossed and sealed from our foundation.  We can guarantee that our awards are extremely good quality.

Is it legal ?

  • These diploma are real and legal and they all  last all your life.  You can put these diploma in your CV and you can increase your credit.

How much does it cost ?

  • Diploma of Excellence or Certificate of National Merit  USD$ 150
  • Certificate of Honor USD$ 15Arg0
  • Leadership for Peace USD$ 170
  • Certificate of International Merit USD$ 180
  • President Awards, or Leadership Award, or Fellowship USD$ 200
  • Distinguish Service Award, or Outstanding International Businessman, or Outstanding International Business woman, or Leading Entrepreneurs of the World, or Leading Woman Entrepreneurs of the World USD$ 220.

Are there any hidden fees ?

  • No, The fees quoted are ONE Time fees, you will be only be asked for a further fee if you want to make a further sponsor to get a second award.

How long does the process take ?

  • The process will take about 5 business days to deliver your address.  We will post by Registered Mail.

How do I pay ?

  • We are using Authorized.com  for our payment gateway.  You can simply use your Visa and Master Card for payment to sponsor our programs and get your awards.

Can fees be paid other than by credit card ?

  • It is fundamental to our Security Guarantee that we only accept payments through credit card processed through a THIRD PARTY PROCESSOR and we only ship to the billing address of the credit card by Priority Registered Mail which must signed for.  This way, all parties are protected.
  • We understand that some people might not have credit card and prefer to use Western Union for payment.  If you prefer using Western Union transfer, please email us and we will give you information for Western Union transfer.  Please email us to info@rcassin.org

How secure is my payment by credit card?

  • 100% secure.  We use nothing less than the very highest security that exists online.  Since we ONLY accept payment through credit cards, processed through a Third party PROCESSOR and we only ship to the billing address of the credit card by Priority Registered Mail which must be signed for.  All parties are protected.
  • We will never see your credit card details, these are known only to your visa card and master card processor through their highest security payment gateway.

What about confidentiality ?

  • Rene Cassin Foundation will never disclose any information to any third party (even from the government, law enforcement agency or court) in any country.

Can I request specific date of my award?

  • Yes, you can specify the date of your award.

I am not certain about which awards I should get is relevant to my job experience and education.

  • Don’t worry, you can give us special instruction when you check out from our website and we will give you advise.  You are always welcome to send us an email to ask your questions.