Rene Cassin Foundation | Build up your image and portfolio Now!
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Build up your image and portfolio Now!

Build up your image and portfolio Now!

René Samuel Cassin Foundation promote outstanding people in different sector in our society and fosters a mutual understanding between different sectors in the business, government, the professionals and the voluntary sectors.

The Foundation:

  • encourages emerging talent through the awarding of Diploma of Excellence, Certificate of Honor to the most talented and outstanding people internationally.
  • appoints distinguish Fellows for their knowledge and wisdom to build an intellectual community.
  • promotes knowledge, networks and philanthropy
  • creates mutual understanding between different culture and industries.

Build up your image and portfolio Now!

It’s no secret that the economy is still in about the same shape as a “Biggest Loser” contestant on the first day of the show. It has been particularly tough on job seekers as they try to swim against the tide of more jobs being lost than jobs being created. For many job seekers in this highly competitive market, that high school diploma and even a PHD degree is simply not enough to compete with hundreds of applicants who have a distinctive CV. “Some college” on your job application is translating to “no interview” and “no Job” in real life.

While there is a great deal of debate about how much a college degree is really worth in future dollars, some estimate that the earnings difference between a high school graduate and a college graduate may be $20,000 a year or more. Over a 40 year lifetime of working, that may be the difference between driving a high priced European sedan or a Korean sub-compact. But for most people this isn’t a debate about whether or not to go to college. Most working adults made that decision years ago.

Distinguish Yourself

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